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Our Mission

Legion Law Classes is an online coaching service for Law and related subjects covering all important aspects of judicial service and practical legal application skills for both lawyers and law students.

A quality over quantity approach.

We invite everyone from the legal community, from students to practitioners, to join our courses and expand on the horizon of their legal aptitude. We truly believe in sharing of knowledge and piquing the creative instincts of everyone passionate in the law field. It's only when you start having fun with what you do that you start creating your own unique understanding and application. We at, Legion law classes, firmly believe in that and work towards that.

"A posse ad esse"

A case for e-classes

Why E-classes are preferred to their physical counterpart?



Its common knowledge that physical classes are confined to a locality , but in E- classes all a person requires is a smartphone and an internet access.  One can listen from the comfort of his own home , without any mental stress of travelling to the place of institute . Here the contents are right in your hands. 



Institute charge a fortune for physical classes . Which is understandable because of the capital costs and rent costs they have to pay . E classes of Legion have been designed to ensure availability to everyone without any financial restrictions .

Now you might want to ask - "How so ?"  Usually at the physical classes , the institute cost will be high but we mustn't forget the travel cost from place of your residence to the place of coaching . Ever account for that?

We have ensured to provide a top notch legal education for judicial service at a minimum cost , which turns out to be INR 25.00 an hour , INR 50.00 for the entire lecture , which includes your case material and assignment review. This is probably the amount you spend either drinking tea on a stall or travelling from home to coaching and back to home cost .


With the same amount you can invest in your future to become a judge , become the lord of justice whose sole intent is to impart justice in society and ensure that constitutional dreams of this nation are realized. It'll be hard to find people who cannot even afford a course package equivalent to the  travelling cost from college to home.

Need I mention anything about the people who own private vehicles and daily petrol cost? That will just skyrocket the amount even further. 


Quality Education 

Quality education is a right for all. We at LLC believe that quality education is itself liberating. You provide someone with access to good education and they can earn and make way for themselves , they do not need patrons , they just need an opportunity .

As per the trend  these days, education has been commercialized to the point that it is more a business than an educational hub.Hallmark of a commercialized education system is pay high - learn less. Not once will you see them admit someone who asks for even a minutest discount on an exorbitant amount of fee . Private universities are specially guilty of this. One of the most noble profession , law has so many colleges but so little learning . If others were doing their job well , we wouldn't need this endeavour .  


Education is not a business , neither is advocacy . Both are noble professions which have been crafted to uplift the society and take them to the pinnacle of civilization .


Audio preferred to Video

Less stress on internet bandwidth , everyone can be accommodated . They don't have to deal with blue shift light wave from mobile watching a video which will mess up their circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) . They can simply tune in , focus and listen in any posture they are most comfortable in without any worries .  Also excess of watching videos on mobile screen have been known to have an averse effect on the eye sight along with problems in circadian rhythm .



To conclude , E- classes are the future of education . We have seen new E- court filing system , everything is being digitized . So not only we must learn to catch up and make ourselves comfortable with a new tech savvy approach but we must also pioneer a new shift in learning and teaching.

Legion Law Classes is an approach to this new paradigm shift.

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